Welcome to Slatebarns Caravan Park - Near Edinburgh
Welcome to Slatebarns Caravan Park - Near Edinburgh







  • No Commercial Vehicles/Transit vans allowed on the Park. Drivers must always use the road provided in order that the grass is kept in good condition for fellow holidaymakers who will use the Park in the future.  Please be considerate when parking on your pitch and avoid digging up the grass especially in wet conditions.  Do not exceed the 5mph speed limit. All vehicles must be taxed and insured or they will be refused entry.
  • Slatebarns Caravan Park is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of any property whilst staying on the Park. Customers must ensure that their property is fully insured and secure. 
  •  Occupiers are responsible for the conduct of their children. They should not be allowed to play in the toilet/showers/laundry areas and bicycles, skateboards etc should not be used on the pavements surrounding the toilet/shower block for the reasons of health and safety.  No ball games allowed on site for the convenience of fellow holidaymakers.
  • All deposits and payments for bookings are non-refundable.


  • If you have any day visitors to the site they must park their vehicle next to the Reception block if there is no room on your pitch please ensure Reception are informed of their visit - if Reception is closed please call the mobile number.


  • Please be considerate to your fellow holidaymakers who would like a quiet stay. No unnecessary noise is allowed between 11pm and 8am. It should be remembered that even low noise on a quiet evening carries a long way. Any persons not adhering to the quiet time rules will be asked to leave the Park.


  •  Please keep dogs on a lead and under control at all times and don't let them foul within the park or walk them around the pitches/grass areas to do their business - other guests will be using these areas also (there are plenty walks in Roslin Glen) Please clean up after your dog if they do have an accident - we are dog owners and know this does happen.
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